The links on this page are meant to help you decide what to import. Since it's possibly not immediately obvious, item names are clickable in the in-game browser to load the market page for that item. The rest of the columns are explained at the top of each page.

  • >=25% Markup -- Items that are at or above 25% markup in the target system, import cost included. This should be your first port of call for importing.
  • <50% Stock -- Items that are below 50% of weekly stock in the target system. This includes items that are currently completely out of stock.
  • Top Markup -- Items that are most profitable right now, assuming you could monopolize the market at the current margin. Useful for an at-a-glance view of where the biggest market impact can be made.
  • Top Total -- Items with the highest total ISK movement per week (units * average price). This probably isn't hugely useful for importing purposes but is nice information to have.
  • EFT Textblock -- Paste a textblock from EFT (or Pyfa), get an itemized list of fittings along with cost information.
  • MarketGroup Explorer -- A tree of MarketGroups that you can drill down through.
  • Items to Seed -- Items with high movement in source region and low (or non-existent) movement in the destination region.
  • Search -- Get complete data for all items matching a substring.