Long have we had the busiest market hub in nullsec, but not the proper tools to support it. Some people use terrible third party tools, struggling along and eventually giving up on stocking the market. Others roll their own private market tool and use it to force out competition. Relisters have a field day as it takes too long for us to react. People needing to build complete ships from the market often find it cannot be done without buying parts at fuckgoons pricing. Various remedies have been tried, such as the oft-ignored "stuff we need in Delve" thread, or having a cabal of krabs from gs_isk and elsewhere police the market. Now we have a better solution: Goonmetrics.

What is Goonmetrics?

Goonmetrics is a technical solution which gathers data from CCP and processes the data. The server then produces reports on market activity in 1DQ, including recommendations on import opportunities based on Jita/1DQ price differences, markups in 1DQ, weekly volumes in 1DQ as compared to available stock, and total profit opportunities. It takes 95% of the effort out of market research for nullsec importing and market stocking.

How does this help make me ISK?

The product of all the client uploads and database backend is presented on the Goonmetrics Importing page. Here you will see several reports, including:

  • >= 25% Markup: Items at 25% or greater markup above import cost, default sorted by total profit per week.
  • <50% Stock: Items which 1DQ may be low on, based on current stock versus average weekly volumes.
  • Top Markup: The most profitable items to import and sell, if you could monopolize the market at current margins...
  • Top Total: The heaviest ISK volume items in 1DQ -- these may or may not be profitable to import, often items like Maelstroms top this list. Maelstroms are often built locally after being imported as compressed minerals instead of being imported as repackaged hulls.

You can use these reports to spot under-served items in the market, relisters, or other shenanigans. Find something profitable and import it, while developing your own long term market plan. If data has not recently been updated for an item, there will be a little warning icon next to it. Hover over it to see if it's the Jita or 1DQ data which is outdated and by how many hours.

Importing Tips

  • Don't import an entire week's volume at a time, import 40-50% instead. This increases the chances of your items selling in a reasonable timeframe and doesn't leave you too much out of pocket if Jita (or other source) prices spike/crash.
  • Don't put all of your ISK into importing. It can take weeks to move items, especially if there are few op broadcasts or heavy competition.
  • The 20% markup figure is only a recommendation, list for as high or low of a markup as you like, just be aware that eventually someone will come along who is happy to take a reasonable profit.
  • Relisters can and will buy out your entire stock and list it higher. Don't panic! Import another chunk of items and list them again. Eventually they'll realise that they have several weeks worth of volume and you're not going to stop importing, or they don't and you happily continue to take them to the cleaners.