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  • 'Wk Volume' = the average number of units that sell in the target region per week
  • 'DO6H-Q Stock' = the number of units listed on the market at the destination station and the percentage of weekly movement that is
  • 'Import Price' = 'Jita Price' + (cost per m3 * item size)
  • 'Sell Price' = min('DO6H-Q Price', 'Import Price' * 1.2)
  • 'Markup' = current percentage markup in DO6H-Q
  • 'Weekly Profit' = 'Weekly Volume' * 'Sell Price'
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Item NameWk VolumeDO6H-Q StockJita PriceImport PriceDO6H-Q PriceMarkupSell PriceWeekly Profit
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